Item Numbers CP4, DL1, DL4, DL8, DL16, DLMT4
Derma-Life Skin Care Products
Derma-Life Skin Care Formula is a facial and body care  formula that allows healing of the most topical skin ailments such as acne, rash, diaper rash, sunburn, thermal burns, road rash, bee stings, scrapes, bruises and much more.  Starts clearing acne and facial blemishes in just a few days.  Will substantially clear acne in a few weeks with two applications a day without the harsh after effects of other products.  Soften Skin tissue and gives a wonderful complexion.  Relieves pain and irritation of insect bites and stings in just moments.  Relieves the irritation and limits the spreading of fever blisters and cold sores (Herpes Simplex 1 and Herpes Simplex.
Derma-Life complexion Plus Facial & Body Scrub removes dead skin cells, scar tissue and particles that clog pores.  It also stimulates circulation.
Derma-Life MonoTone Fading & Renewal Formula is a unique synergistic formula that can normalize certain discolorations in skin cells that are caused by excessive pigmentation formed in the skin cell, this is usually a result of hormone imbalance or damaged tissue, Melasma, sun or age spots are a few of the types of discoloration people experience.  MonoTone lotion has 7% glycolic acid which causes the pigmentation to normalize over a few months of regular use.  The dark areas will start to lighten after three or four months of daily use.  Secondary benefit is reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in the face and around the eyes.