I am writing because I am amazed at the results of Toxi cleanse. I've owned a health food store for 10 years and have seen some fantastic results with HSO probiotics and juicing etc, however I have personally never written a testimonial before. I have for the last several years experienced diarrhea and undigested food particles in my stool. My belly has been bloated even though I have maintained a strict organic vegetarian diet eliminating milk products etc. I have used probiotics, enzymes and HCL to try to improve digestion. I had read Dr. Walker and Dr. Jensens book on cleansing and practiced fasting and home colonics and did regular juicing. Still had bowel movements that were not fully formed or digested. I have access to a lot of products and info in my store so it amazed me when I had a complete regular alimination after 3 days of Toxi cleanse. The first night I used 3 tablespoons of Toxi cleanse in 4 ozs of water. I had some nasty gas the next day which must been eliminating either toxins, parasites or some other organism that had made a home in my digestive tract. I dont usually have that because I'm a vegetarian and of course our stuff doesn't smell. Took the same dose the next night and the same reaction occurred, smelly gas. After the third night no more gas but a small bought of black diarrhea the next day. That was the end of my digestion problems, regular stools, formed and bloated was gone. I had traveled and gotten ill in the past. I am really surprised that all the cleansing. I had done didn't resolve the problem. It's hard to imagine a colonic wouldn't eliminate whatever was inside me. I hadn't even used this product for that reason, I was using it for it for heavy metal cleansing. I also sleep like a log when I Toxi Cleanse and now understand the power of this simple Inexpensive yet effective product. I think it is one of the best products. I've ever used and I've used many. I am sure glad for Wilbur who took the the time to help me understand the problems with nickel in stainless steel. He is truly a caring individual that has been in this industry since before I was born. I hope to learn more form him and offer my thanks and wish the boat for and his family, they deserve it.

Christina Wade,
Ocean City Organic Inc,
Ocean City MD