Dermatologist it had been suggested and agreed upon by all involved that my Daisy Mae would have to be destroyed or suffer endlessly, she could not be saved. During my drive home I was very sad at the prospect of saying goodbye to my dear friend. On a whim I stopped in a small town that lies on my path home, Mtn Grove, Missouri. On the square in Mtn Grove is a little health food store that sells herbs and vits and other homeopathic and alternative medicine items. I stopped in there to look around and purchase some brewers yeast. Not expecting them to have any input to the problem I happened to mention, more to vent my anguish than anything else, that my Daisy Mae's fate was not a good one. She looked at me and without hesitation reached up and pulled down a little brown bottle of Advantage Liquid Concentrate. I figure it was better then the alternative and brought it home.

I hit her several times a day with it in capsules and a few drops in her water bowl. I put a few drops in a spray bottle and sprayed it on her bad spots. In only a few days I saw improvement! It worked! Hundreds of dollars and travel and heartache and I saved my Daisy Mae with Advantage Liquid!! She now get only half a dropper a day and is in great health, her hair has grown back and she is still with me, cute as she can be. And she no longer suffers! Thank you!!!!!! I am believer and a life time customer!!

Kristina Williams and Daisy Mae!!!