Immediately after I promised not to call you any more yesterday, I spoke to the client who is taking the Momordica. It was then that I learned that she had only been using the Momordica ONCE a day – 10 drop in the morning! Her blood sugar was down to 124. She has had to cut her medication in half in less than 10 days. From Friday evening, September 13 when she started, her blood sugar has dropped from 325 to 275, to 149 by Wednesday September 11, maintaining 149 through the am of September 21. On Saturday afternoon, we added the BAC + and the ALC. She commented that on Sunday morning, her blood sugar was holding at 124 and she was feeling great and planning to omit her evening dose of medication. We agreed that instead of 10 drops of Mormordica in the morning, she would do five, and another five in the evening.

This only one instance, but I think it is a strong indicator of the role played by yeast in blood sugar fluctuations in diabetics. There was a significant drop with the addition of the ALC and BAC+. Hopefully, now at last, we are well on the on the way to making some progress with stabilizing this lady's blood sugar and increasing her quality of life.

Thanks so much for these wonderful products.