RE: Bennie Sandaval

Please, notice the attached x-rays of Bennie Sandaval of La Junta, Colorado. Bennie had two blockages in his artery, as shown, and decided not to have the procedure recommended by his Doctor. Instead Bennie used BAC + as recommended by his Nutritionist, Jeanne Love, at Love-R-Health Foods in La Junta, Colorado.

Jeanne had worked with Bennie Previously with an emphysema problem. After a couple of years, following Jeanne's program, Bennie was completely over his emphysema to the amazement of his doctor. The same Doctor followed Bennie when he decided to take BAC + and was further amazed when Bennie's arteries cleared in only thirty days.

This is the fastest we have ever seen BAC + work. It normally takes from three months to a year to clean up clogged arteries. Bennie was so proud of what happened; that he framed the X-rays and took them into the health food store. With his permission Jeanne made a copy of them for us.

Are you recommending BAC + to your customers????? After all; we are in this business to help people improve their Health and Lifestyle. Give us a call and we will be glad to give you more information about BAC + and our other excellent products.

We look forward to serving you and the fine customers that grace your business.